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PHOTO: Aaron Rodgers Has To Wear Trojans Colors After Cal Loses To USC

Jeff Tedford is no longer letting just California Golden Bears fans down with his most recent efforts. He's letting his greatest pupil down too.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers apparently made a bet with linebacker Clay Matthews (USC Trojans alum) on the result of last week's USC-Cal game. Aaron's team wins, Clay has to do something to show he's a sturdy Golden Bear. Clay's team wins, Aaron has to Fight On.

We all know how this turned out.

Arash Markazi's photo Thanks to @ClayMatthews52, this is what @AaronRodgers12 looked like after the USC-Cal game.
(Thanks to Arash Markazi on WhoSay)

Horrifying. Totally and utterly horrifying. How Tedford could let this happen? HOW?

Hopefully Aaron can keep on performing at a high level in the league to wash this nasty stench of Trojan red off of his bleeding blue and gold heart. Some things are just too horrifying to picture.

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