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Arik Armstead Offered By Oklahoma, Texas, And Oregon, Will Visit Notre Dame

Now that Pleasant Grove High School top talent Arik Armstead has decommitted from the USC Trojans, he can restart his recruitment and look at all the top schools around the country to see what they have to offer. Three schools have immediately focused their eyes on him according to Scott Schrader: The Texas Longhorns, Oklahoma Sooners, and the Oregon Ducks.

Armstead is probably looking at all potential options before he ends up making a decision, and there will be a lot of doors opening. He's even looking for an offer from LSU ($).

"Texas, Oregon and Oklahoma have all offered," Gus Armstead, Aric’s father said. "The one school that hasn’t offered yet that we’re still waiting on is LSU. Hopefully, they’ll come through, but this is exciting. It’s what we were looking for when Aric de-committed. The more options the better right now, so it’s all good."

Armstead has plenty of time and lots of doors to choose from. Where he ends up is anyone's guess. He already supposedly is high on Alabama, Notre Dame (a school he'll be visiting this weekend), Cal and Washington, and he can always end up back at USC. We'll just have to wait and see.

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