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Cal vs. USC: Turnovers Killing Bears, Trojans Lead 20-0 At Half

The California Golden Bears played one of their worst halves of the season against the USC Trojans and currently trail 20-0 as the third quarter gets underway.

Turnovers have plagued the Bears and their inability to slow down Matt Barkley has led to the big deficit. After two fumbles in the first quarter, quarterback Zach Maynard threw two interceptions, one of which came deep in their own territory. Cal has just thirty rushing yards on 18 attempts and the offensive line has not provided any protection for the backfield.

For USC, after a slow start to the game, Barkley threw two touchdowns in the second quarter, including a 39-yard completion to Marqise Lee. Brandon Carswell also hauled in a reception for a seven-yard touchdown in the final minutes of the half. Curtis McNeal has picked up the Trojans' running game and had recorded 53 yards on just seven carries.

Now on their first drive on the third quarter, USC is driving the ball down the field and is in the red zone. This game could be over in a hurry unless Cal's offense wakes up.