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ANIMATED: Desmond Bishop Sack Celebration Teaches You How To Cook

Desmond Bishop doesn't get as much pub as Clay Matthews does for the Green Bay Packers, but he's worked hard to find his way into the starting lineup and become a vital cog for a Packer linebacking corps. And he came up with a big play against Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons that eventually forced an obvious throwing situation, which became a Packer game-clinching interception.

Bishop bided his time before stunting into the open hole and coming straight at an unsuspecting Ryan. Ryan didn't seem to notice the former Cal/CCSF linebacking great until it was too late, and Bishop took him to the ground.

Then after Bishop got the sack, he did this.


Bishop is not necessarily a spokesman for the Food Channel who's encouraging you to stay at home and make your own salads. Bishop is trying to showcase his own little special cooking dance, the fad that's sweeping the Internets. Check out the official vid that teaches you how to master this unconventional art.

(via lilbpack1)


Bishop has clearly already mastered his craft. That's how Des does.