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Marshawn Lynch With One Of The Greatest Runs In NFL History, Seahawks Upset Saints

As a Cal fan, I've never given up on Marshawn Lynch. Not when he was being benched for my Buffalo Bills. Not when he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and reteamed with his old Cal Bear friend Justin Forsett. Not when it looked like his team was going to get crushed at home in the first round against the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

Well, just a few minutes ago, Marshawn just made us all believers again, and made us remember why we nicknamed him Beast Mode to begin with. Marshawn broke through EIGHT Saints defenders for one of the greatest runs in NFL history (in terms of physicality, athleticism, awesomeness, clutch), including a stiff-arm to last year's NFL playoff hero Tracy Porter that knocked him back ten yards. No joke. This clinched a Seahawks victory for the Saints in one of the greatest upsets in NFL playoff history.

Click here for the video. Or view it after the jump (along with the epic Porter stiffarm; Patrick Chung, you're off the hook!).

MARSHAWN LYNCH: BEASTMODE (via mocksessiondotcom)


via MockSession