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VIDEO: Alex Mack Scores Final Touchdown Of The 2011 NFL Pro Bowl

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For the most part, the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl is a bit of a farce in terms of an athletic contest. No one really plays defense, football players are trying to avoid getting injured so the form tackles are rather weak. And no one is performing at full-speed, so what does occur is an incredibly lazy competition.

One player who didn't get the memo was Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack, who filled in for the injured Nick Mangold and Maurkice Pouncey. The former great California Golden Bears offensive lineman performed quite admirably, chasing down three tackles off of three AFC interceptions and blocking pretty well, even getting to the second level on the majority of rushing plays to give support to his running backs.

But his best play was saved for last. It turned out to be the coolest part of a totally meaningless contest.

Cleveland Browns' Alex Mack 2011 Pro Bowl touchdown (via mocksessiondotcom)

Matt Cassel, facing less-than-zero pass rush, stepped back in the pocket and found Dwayne Bowe over the middle for 21 yards. After running aimlessly, he lateralled to Montell Owens, who was eventually stood up by a defensive back. It looked like the play was about to be blown dead, but for whatever reason the NFL referees refused to blow the play dead.

Into save the day came Mack, who gathered the lateral from Owens and went raging into the end zone, blowing up Roman Harper in the process. Not a bad game for the Mack truck, who became the latest Golden Bear with a big play this NFL season (joining luminaries like DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch).