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2011 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Aaron Rodgers MVP Favorite Over Ben Roethlisberger

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BoDog has released the long list of Super Bowl XLV prop bets, and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is featured heavily. We take a good look at some of the bets featuring him.

SUPER BOWL XLV - Odds to win MVP

Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB                         7/4

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB                   7/2       

Rashard Mendenhall (PIT) RB                 15/2     

Greg Jennings (GB) WR                         12/1     

James Starks (GB) RB                           14/1

Troy Polamalu (PIT) S                            15/1     

Mike Wallace (PIT) WR                          16/1     

Clay Matthews (GB) LB                          18/1     

Charles Woodson (GB) CB                     20/1

James Harrison (PIT) LB                         22/1     

Tramon Williams (GB) CB                       25/1     

Hines Ward (PIT) WR                             25/1     

Heath Miller (PIT) TE                              25/1     

Donald Driver (GB) WR                           25/1

James Farrior (PIT) LB                            28/1     

Lawrence Timmons (PIT) LB                   28/1     

James Jones (GB) WR                           30/1     

Jordy Nelson (GB) WR                           30/1     

A.J. Hawk (GB) LB                                 30/1

B.J. Raji (GB) DT                                   30/1     

Emmanuel Sanders (PIT) WR                 35/1     

Sam Shields (GB) CB                            35/1     

Cullen Jenkins (GB) DE                          50/1     

Brandon Jackson (GB) RB                      50/1     

Field                                                     15/1     

Not a huge surprise that Rodgers and Roethlisberger lead the way, with Aaron edging Big Ben as the Packers are the favorites in this one. Before you go betting on the quarterback to be Super Bowl MVP though, remember these are the top two pass defenses and total defenses in the NFL that are sparring. With all the talk on the quarterbacks, don't be surprised if you see a 10-7 game in the 4th quarter.

If you want good value picks, look at Matthews, Raji and Jenkins for Green Bay, and never underestimate the warrior Pittsburgh linebacking corps of Harrison, Farrior and Timmons, especially if one of them can get multiple interceptions on Rodgers.

SUPER BOWL XLV - Player to score the first TD in the game 

Rashard Mendenhall (PIT) RB                 5/1

Greg Jennings (GB) WR                         13/2     

Mike Wallace (PIT) WR                          15/2     

James Starks (GB) RB                           17/2     

John Kuhn (GB) FB                                12/1     

Hines Ward (PIT) WR                             12/1     

Heath Miller (PIT) TE                              12/1     

Donald Driver (GB) WR                           12/1     

James Jones (GB) WR                           12/1     

Jordy Nelson (GB) WR                           14/1     

Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB                         14/1     

Emmanuel Sanders (PIT) WR                 16/1     

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB                   16/1     

Brandon Jackson (GB) RB                      18/1     

Andrew Quarless (GB) TE                       20/1     

Isaac Redman (PIT) RB                          20/1

Antonio Brown (PIT) WR                         25/1     

Mewelde Moore (PIT) RB                        28/1     

Donald Lee (GB) TE                               28/1     

Any Other Pittsburgh Player                   14/1     

Any Other Green Bay Player                   14/1     

No TD Scored In The Game                    50/1     

Not a bad one. This is probably my favorite Rodgers bet, especially if he gets 1st and goal on the one on his opening drive--Green Bay loves to run the quarterback sneak in these situations. Rodgers did score on a bootleg in the NFC Championship Game to make it 7-0 Green Bay though, so the bet might have been even better a week earlier.

SUPER BOWL XLV - Total Passing Yards – Aaron Rodgers (GB)         

Over/Under                    275.5

Rodgers had 300+ yards the last time they faced in Pittsburgh. This sounds about right.

SUPER BOWL XLV - Total TD Passes – Aaron Rodgers (GB)   

Over TD Passes                         O 2 (+125)

Under TD Passes                       U 2  (-155)

Again, do you trust Rodgers? Or Pittsburgh's defense? He had six the first two games of the playoffs but only one in the NFC Championship Game. The conditions will be more ideal in Dallas, but beware the sucker bet--there's a reason you see under two touchdown passes as the heavy favorite.

HISTORICAL MATCHUP - Total Passing Yards, which will be higher?

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl XLV                                      -29½ (-110)                  

Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXI (246 Passing Yards)             +29½ (-120)      


HISTORICAL MATCHUP - Total TD Passes, which will be higher?      

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl XLV                          +125    

Brett Favre Super Bowl XXXI (2 TD Passes)          -155    


HISTORICAL MATCHUP - Completion Percentage, which will be higher?     

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl XLV -11.5%               +105    

Brett Favre Super Bowl (51.8%) +11.5%              -135    

Again with the Favre. Add in the fact that these bets stink and the only reason you're interested in these ones is if you really really love or hate Senor Wrangler.

Super Bowl XLV – Who will FOX show first on TV during the game?

Jessica Szohr (Aaron Rodgers’ Girlfriend) -140

Ashley Harlan (Ben Roethlisberger’s Fiancée)      Even

For those of you who don't know, Szohr is one of the lead characters in the hit CW series Gossip Girl and has been rumored to be dating Rodgers, so we don't even know for sure if she is Rodgers's girlfriend.

Since I don't recall either of these ladies being shown at all during these playoffs (and seem to do their best to stay under the radar), it wouldn't be out of the question if neither of them appears. Take a flyer on Harlan, since Roethlisberger might do his best to pump up his image on such a national stage.

Super Bowl XLV Specials - Will a Steelers player do the Aaron Rodgers Championship Belt Celebration during the game?            

Yes                  EVEN

No                    -140

This seems like such a regular season thing, doesn't it? John Abraham did it a few weeks ago for the Atlanta Falcons after a sack, but after Rodgers ended up torching Abraham's defense.

Something tells me the Steelers are going to be no-nonsense trying to shut down this potent Green Bay offense and not worry about these extra-curricular activities.

Thanks to Jimmy Shapiro for the update.