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2011 Senior Bowl Practice, Day One: Cameron Jordan Cleans Up, Owen Marecic Performs Well

The 2011 Senior Bowl got underway with day one of the practices and Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan had a fairly big day. After measuring in with the biggest hands of all the seniors at 11¼ inches, Jordan by all accounts proceeded to put together a strong effort in the practice session. Scouts Inc’s Steve Muench listed him as his top performer for the day:

No one was able to move Jordan today … Jordan did an excellent job of staying low coming out of his stance and jacked up Solder, effectively taking away his power base and gaining control in the battle … gets good hand placement … He slid in to play DT, where he looked a little quicker, and he is certainly big and strong enough to play that position at the next level. We’d like to see him battle some of the top offensive linemen some more this week, but he’s off to a strong start and is the top five-technique guy here and probably the best one in this class.

The folks at Scouts Inc rank Jordan as the 15th best prospect overall and 5th among defensive ends. The top five defensive ends are bunched up fairly tightly, so a strong week and a solid Combine/private workout could get him up a notch or two in the positional rankings. SB Nation’s current mock draft has him going 17th overall and fifth among defensive ends. The four defensive ends ahead of him are (by draft spot):

3. Robert Quinn
6. Dq’Quan Bowers
14. Aldon Smith
16. Ryan Kerrigan

In other Bay Area related news, Stanford fullback Owen Marecic appears to have had a fairly solid day. After measuring in at 6’0⅜ and 246 pounds, had this to say about Marecic:

Showed a lot of athleticism and intensity on the field. Caught the ball well. Gave effort blocking yet not a dominant lead blocker.

Marecic is generally considered the top fullback prospect in the draft.