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Aaron Rodgers Makes Biggest Play Of NFC Championship Game ... On Defense

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Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers and former California Golden Bears quarterback, is known for making big plays with his arm and his legs (as anyone saw against the Atlanta Falcons, when he authored one of the greatest performances in NFL playoff history). But against their archrivals the Chicago Bears, Rodgers has struggled to author great games. The Bears play a lot of Cover 1, giving up the short throws while doing their best to not allow the medium and deep throws. Rodgers had a pedestrian NFC Championship Game passing against them, completing 17 of 30 passes for 244 yards while also throwing two interceptions (one fluky, one a bad read). He did rush for one touchdown and pick up a few first downs with his legs.

Still, his biggest play of the game wasn't on offense. It was his ability not to quit on a play that kept the Packers ahead and in control through the entire game.

 (via BuckeyeMichael13)


The play came off his worst throw of the game, a 3rd down throw that kept the Bears hopes alive. Rodgers couldn't find anyone and forced a throw into Bears linebacker Brain Urlacher. But although Urlacher had a chance to run it back for a pick-six, Rodgers raced him down the field and managed a big tackle by grazing his leg. Chicago's offense could not do anything with the pick, and the Bears were forced to punt.

Rodgers giveth. Rodgers taketh away.