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Ryan Whalen, Stanford Cardinal Wide Receiver: 2011 East-West Shrine Game NFL Draft Prospect

Stanford Cardinal wide receiver Ryan Whalen is considered a decent mid-level NFL Draft prospect. Whalen had a strong 2009 season being the primary target of sterling college quarterback Andrew Luck, but his production fell off after getting injured early in the 2010 season, falling from 57 catches and 16.3 yards per catch last season to 41 catches and 10.71 yards per catch this season. It's no strike against Whalen--Luck seemed to become more comfortable in between seasons at distributing the ball to all his primary targets and going through more progressions to find open receivers.

Whalen himself is a very solid receiver. You can tell by the huge YPC that he's very capable of picking up first downs, and generally was a great possession guy with good hands. While he probably doesn't have the physical ability to be a number one receiver, he seems prototypical as a slot man or a guy who can be the third or fourth option in a spread pass attack. And more importantly, he doesn't drop the ball.

Whalen had a good week of practice according to Sports Illustrated. For those who checked into watch NFL Draft Prospects in the East West Shrine Game, you saw the East beat the West 25-8 in a game dominated by defense. Neither team had any real breakout players, but Whalen himself made the best of his legitimate opportunities. Whalen couldn't reel in a low throw from Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Jerrod Johnson, but did complete a thirteen yard pass and finished with three catches for 24 yards. Not a bad weekend in all.