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Aaron Rodgers Makes Cameo Appearance At Brad Paisley Concert, Gets His Country On

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Okay, you're Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback and one of the greatest California Golden Bears ever. You're about to pack up for the biggest game of your professional career in the NFC Championship game against the Chicago Bears, coming off perhaps the greatest game of your professional career against the Atlanta Falcons. Your popularity factor might never be this high again, unless you end up winning a Super Bowl. What do you do?

Answer: Crash a country music concert, that's what I do.


(via riverrunner365)

Rodgers (a long avowed country music fan) took a few minutes to drop by and say hi to the Packer faithful at the Resch Center in Green Bay before making his long awaited public singing debut, crooning at least one lyric to "I'm Still A Guy." Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he sang his line the way he wanted to. So he focused on shaking hands and giving high fives to everyone close to him onstage in the crowd.

You have a feeling that if Rodgers works his magic any further this playoff season, they'll be creating more songs for him.