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Colin Cowherd Compares Brett Favre To U2, Aaron Rodgers To Nickelback

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Apparently, Colin Cowherd (or as I like to call him, the lowest common denominator) is not done on the topic of belittling Cal football great Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is now playing in the NFC Championship Game against the Chicago Bears, and he's playing football at a level tantamount to some of the quarterbacking greats.

Yet of course, Cowherd continues to poke and prod because he's given a microphone and feels like he has the right to say whatever he wants. And of course, he has to bring everyone's old friend Brett Favre back into it.

According to NFL Reddit, Cowherd stated that "Brett Favre is an icon, Aaron Rodgers is a great QB. Its like how U2 is an icon and Nickleback is a great band".

Uhhh ...

Where to start ...

Colin, your analogy for greatness is perplexing. Just because someone is iconic does not make them great. It makes them famously great, which is an entirely different category. Despite the fact ESPN has led nearly half their football segments with Brett Favre news long after he had become irrelevant, despite no one can stop talking about Brett Favre, that does not make him the quarterback of this age. And your idolization of popular people reminds me way too much of high school.

(Unless of course, you're referring to U2 as the egomaniacal attention whore who must be center stage at every relevant cultural event.  The Favre analogy works that way.)

No, I think what offends me the most is that Colin Cowherd believes Nickelback is a great band. That statement is so offensive on so many levels.

Also, Rodgers can't love this comparison to Nickelback. Considering he hates Nickelback.