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Colin Cowherd Says Aaron Rodgers Needs To Win A Super Bowl To Be A Great Quarterback

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Enough with the melodrama off the field. Back to idiots talking about football.

Renowned provocateur and lowest common denominator Colin Cowherd continues to stoke the flames with Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal football legend Aaron Rodgers. As you may remember, the ESPN shock jock has been riding Rodgers hard for whatever reason, because the man had not won a playoff football game, unlike such legends as Stan Humphries, Jake Delhomme and Mike Tomzack. After the last two weeks, Rodgers crossed that off his list, and a week later, he had one of the greatest performances in NFL Playoffs history.

So you'd imagine Cowherd would be quick to retract his comments? Of course not. Sports radio is a race to be the biggest buffoon, and Cowherd is the king of the clowns.

Instead of appreciating the excellence of Rodgers's performance, Cowherd immediately told people not to overreact and think he'd replicate those numbers again against the Bears. Way to go out on a limb there Sherlock. For Rodgers to have a better performance than the one he did last Saturday night would mean Rodgers would have to throw the equivalent of a perfect game in the NFC Championship Game. The Houston Texans would be hardpressed to give up that type of performance, much less the Chicago Bears.

His rationale was both laughable and trite--the Falcons defense is nothing compared to the Bears (despite being tenth best in the NFL this season in pass defense compared to fifth place for Atlanta) and that the snow and wind elements would take Rodgers out of his element after being in a dome (despite Rodgers putting up fairly formidable numbers in Philadelphia against the 11th best defense).

As usual, Cowherd cited his annoying quarterback win-loss record stat (Rodgers is a mere 2-1, while the great Mark Sanchez is 4-1, despite Cowherd TRASHING Sanchez mere weeks earlier), and believes this is the first time Rodgers dominated a football game (uh, did you watch those first two playoff games Aaron quarterbacked? Rodgers threw an interception on his first pass and hasn't thrown one since, completing 75% of his passes). And of course, Cowherd finished off with the banal--Rodgers has to win a Super Bowl to be a great quarterback. Yes, for Rodgers to elevate himself to the level of legends like Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Eli Manning, he must win it all to get himself away from the peons like Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon.

It should be fun to see what Cowherd spews next week about Rodgers, win or lose.