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Mike Florio Apologizes to Aaron Rodgers, Jan Cavanaugh, Everyone

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At last, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has come to his senses. After rushing to judgment to accuse Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal football legend Aaron Rodgers of being a man of poor moral character, and then pursuing this course of action further even when the supposed victim, Jan Cavanaugh, came out in defense of Rodgers, Florio has finally come round and offered his sincerest apologies to his Green Bay Packers quarterback, Cavanaugh, and Packers fans once he learned about the true nature of Rodgers's moral character.


Although it's filled with rationalization ("But then I did what we bloggers all too often do — I fired off a rebuke of Rodgers without considering anything else about the other things he has done, both publicly and privately, over the years."), peculiar generalizations ("Once my anger at being wrongfully accused of running a payola scheme subsided and my Italian nature to never give in wore off, I realized that I felt bad."), and some strange innuendo  ("I tried to rescue a damsel in distress before determining whether she wanted to be rescued."), this is the closest to a full-blooded apology you'll get from a media member, and it's good that Florio managed to come out and issue it. Kudos to him.


For those who want to learn about Rodgers's good works, check out this touching piece from Gregg Doyel at CBS Sports.