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Mike Florio Embarrasses Himself Moralizing Over Aaron Rodgers & Jan Cavanaugh Non-Story

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As we discussed yesterday, NBC Sports personality (and noted Minnesota Vikings fan) Mike Florio went after Green Bay Packers quarterback and Cal football great Aaron Rodgers in his own little morality play on his soapbox at Pro Football Talk. It was tantamount to character assassination, since Florio decided to splice a second of tape of Rodgers not signing autographs, not fact-check with any sources that would have told him Rodgers had already signed something for the "snubbed Packer fan", and went off on a thousand word rant that basically ended with this sentiment: Aaron Rodgers is an a-hole who hates cancer patients, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. You stay classy Florio.

Florio looks even more foolish after cancer patient Jan Cavanaugh (the "snubbed Packer fan") seemed shocked by all the controversy this non-story has drummed up.

"I am very unhappy with people making so much out of this, because this really isn't that big of a deal. It's up to the players to decide who they want to give an autograph to, and that's their prerogative."

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, DESPITE Cavanaugh publicly rebuking all this noise, Florio didn't recant from his stance, nor did he apologize for drumming up the controversy in the first place. No, he went on the offensive, like Custer running straight into the charging Sioux.

As to the idea that Jan Cavanaugh wasn’t bothered by Rodgers’ decision to snub her, that’s her prerogative.  And we respect her for it.  She’s a Packers fan, she lives in the area, she wants to see the team do well, and she’s got bigger things in her life to worry about than whether Aaron Rodgers will give her the time of day.

So now let me get this straight Florio. Because Cavanugh refuses to fit the ridiculous narrative you're been trying to promote, she too is subject to your scorn so you can keep the moral indignation going? It's nice that Mike Florio knows what Jan Cavanaugh wants more than Jan Cavanaugh.

Many Packers fans have pointed out all the charitable things that Rodgers has done over the years.  He deserves credit for that.  And so allow us publicly to declare, "Attaboy."

Folks who frequent this site on a regular basis know that we aren’t terribly impressed by the things athletes do while the world is watching. 

Packers fans had to point out the charitable things Rodgers has done to Mike Florio. Clearly Mike Florio didn't know about it, and he's part of the world that watches Aaron Rodgers. So how exactly is the world watching the acts of good faith of Aaron Rodgers if only Packers Nation knew about it?

Mike, you'd be best off googling "Aaron Rodgers cancer" right now and see what type of negative image you've propagated on him with your hack rantings. Does that seem like a man that goes out of his way to promote himself as a valiant warrior in the fight for cancer? Sounds like a humble guy who wants to keep his profile low and in the background.

Rodgers not drawing attention to himself for his charitable actions reminds me of a fellow NFC North quarterback. I wonder what Mike Florio thinks of him.

As one high-level executive with a team other than the Packers (and not an NFC North rival) observed in response the WBAY video, what we do when tired, cranky, busy, etc. reveals more about our true character than what we do when attending a charitable event arranged through the team and/or handlers.

Excellent, Shadowy Leader X has proclaimed Rodgers's guilt in the vaguest way possible. Please lead me through the desert into the Promised Land, Shadowy Leader X. When you get tired and cranky when there's not enough water, I'll call you mean names too!

 For some bloggers inclined either to pander to Packers fans or to settle old scores with (or possibly, to gain some traffic by sparking a public fight) ...

Alright, that was funny. The lack of self-awareness by Florio about sparking public fights on the Internet is unbelievably amusing.

Whoever walked by Jan Cavanaugh like she wasn’t even there was going to get reamed on the pages of PFT, because I believe that cancer patients deserve the highest level of respect and deference that can be provided.

Okay Florio. Since you seem to get off at punishing Rodgers for "hating cancer patients, show us that you can match Rodgers's contributions to fighting cancer, dollar-for-dollar. Put your wallet where your mouth is and show that you have the same amount of moral fortitude as the athlete you crusade against.

And if you can't come close to that, don't be surprised if people start saying you hate cancer patients too.