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VIDEO: Tony Gonzalez Injured By Fellow California Golden Bear Desmond Bishop

Tony Gonzalez, likely the greatest tight end in NFL history, has never won a playoff game, neither with the Kansas City Chiefs or Atlanta Falcons. And he was very silent as the Green Bay Packers rolled up the Atlanta Falcons 48-21. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw to him a few times, but Gonzalez only snared in one catch, and he injured his knee as he went to the ground. Gonzalez speculated about retirement after yesterday's game.

Worse for Cal fans was that the injury seemed to come at the hands of a California Golden Bear. Desmond Bishop has come up with a big tackle on a former Golden Bear in two consecutive playoff games--his fingertip stop of DeSean Jackson might've preserved a victory by the Packers over the Eagles in the first round of the playoffs, and his tackle knocked up a legitimate receiving threat for Ryan with the Falcons trying to rally.

Thankfully, there are no Bears players left for Bishop to play in the NFL Playoffs, so it won't be a problem the rest of the way. Video after the jump.

Tony Gonzalez right knee injury (via jtdiver)