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2012 BCS National Championship Odds: Stanford 25 To 1, Cal 100 To 1

It's not too early for college football fans to look forward to the 2011 season. Only 200+ days to go! And Vegas gambling sites are already looking ahead to next year. The Oklahoma Sooners are the big favorites with a lot of returning starters and a watered-down Big 12 to play against at 7 to 2 odds; the Alabama Crimson Tide are on their heels, with the Florida St. Seminoles also high up in the mix. The Oregon Ducks have the best odds of any Pac-12 team at 12-1.

The Stanford Cardinal aren't too far behind; despite some key personnel losses along the offensive line, Stanford figures to be at least a dark horse candidate thanks to their returning quarterback in Andrew Luck, and at 25-1 they seem to be at the right place. They will have a puncher's chance to beat Oregon next year, since the Ducks come to their house in Palo Alto.

The California Golden Bears are much further behind that pace, but at 100-1 they're tied in third place with the Utah Utes and the Arizona Wildcats for best national championship odds. Perhaps Vegas thinks Cal isn't as bad as some presume they'll be next year.

For more on these odds (courtesy of BoDog), check them after the jump.

Odds to win the 2012 BCS National Championship

Oklahoma                                 7/2

Alabama                                   15/2

Florida State                              10/1

Boise State                               12/1

LSU                                          12/1

Oregon                                      14/1

Florida                                      15/1

Nebraska                                  18/1

Penn State                                20/1

TCU                                          20/1

Ohio State                                 20/1

Texas                                       20/1

Stanford                                    25/1

Virginia Tech                             28/1

Wisconsin                                 28/1

Notre Dame                               30/1

Oklahoma State                         30/1

West Virginia                             30/1

Arkansas                                  30/1

Texas A&M                               35/1

Michigan State                         40/1

Auburn                                      50/1

Miami                                       50/1

Mississippi                                50/1

Mississippi State                       50/1

South Carolina                           50/1

Georgia                                     50/1

Iowa                                         60/1

Missouri                                    60/1

Cincinnati                                  75/1

Michigan                                   75/1

North Carolina                            75/1

California                                   100/1

Clemson                                   100/1

Pittsburgh                                 100/1

South Florida                             100/1

Tennessee                                100/1

Utah                                         100/1

Arizona                                     100/1

BYU                                         125/1

Oregon State                             125/1

Texas Tech                               125/1

Washington                               125/1

Arizona State                            125/1

Georgia Tech                             125/1

Kansas State                            150/1

Boston College                          150/1

UCLA                                        150/1

Field                                         10/1