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Mike Mohamed Might Or Might Not Play Saturday In Arizona

Yes. Jonathan Okanes tweets.

LB Mike Mohamed practiced today, but the team doesn’t go in pads on Thursdays. Looks like we won’t know his availability until kickoff.

John Crumpacker did get a positive message though.

I talked briefly to Cal LB Mike Mohamed today and he said he’s a go for Arizona on Saturday night. He practiced and said the toe felt fine.

Ok, well then. Crumpacker or Okanes. Who ya got?

In all honesty, you can’t really discern much about Mohamed’s status. Even if he does play, he hasn’t practiced for over two weeks, so you have to figure that even if he plays, there will be plenty of rust. Robert Mullins, J.P. Hurrell and Steven Fanua weren’t that impressive in replacing him, but it’s not like we were expecting them to go out and be world beaters. Expect the second-string inside linebackers to have to step up to beat Arizona and the Airraid attack, with or without Mohamed.

So, yeah. Stay on your toes. Figuratively of course.