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Jeff Tedford and Chip Kelly Aren't Trashtalking Before Cal-Oregon

Nope, not happening. Kelly’s got nothing but respectful phrases for the Cal head coach. Steve Summers at eDuck with the story.

“The running game, first and foremost,” responded Kelly to the question of what concerns him most about the California offense. “(Shane) Vareen is averaging close to 100-yards a game. I think he’s run 886 (yards) in nine games. They’ll run some wildcat with direct snaps to him. There will always be a wrinkle or two in there. Jeff (Teford) is going to do something funky that you have to adjust to. He really taxes you with his formations and motions and things like that to see if he can outnumber you at the point of attack. It starts with the run game and if you gang too much then he really hurts people with the play action pass.”

“When I watch the tape, it is a Jeff Tedford offense,” admitted Kelly. “You’re going to see a lot of running the football, what Cal does. They have a lot of motion and shifting. They have some outstanding receivers. They are really good at play-action pass, and that has always been a staple of their offense.”

Likewise, Tedford shows mutual admiration.

On the other side of the field, Tedford isn’t so comfortable with Oregon’s offense or defense. “They just have so many weapons and they spread you over the field so much and they’re so fast,” Tedford said of Oregon. “With the running back that they have, it starts with being able to try to slow the run down. They wear you down. LaMichael James, they play at such a fast tempo and if he finds a crease, he can make such big plays.”

“Their offense gets a lot of attention but their defense plays great, they really do,” observed Tedford of the Oregon defense. “The team speed that they have on defense, they love to pressure you.”

Yeah, it’s pretty boring here. They might as well be ordering lattes at Peet’s and discussing geopolitics.