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Aaron Rodgers: "Cal's Gonna Hate Me"

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With DeSean Jackson, Cal Internet fans get in a tizzy that he always reps his high school Long Beach Poly. Never mind that his head coach at Long Beach Poly was one of his strongest mentors, and that many Cal fans said nasty things about him because his team struggled in 2007.

Jackson, who left school a year early, disputes that he was anything but a team player, and the ensuing tension apparently is one of the reasons that during TV introductions he says he's from Long Beach Poly High, rather than Cal.

"I have a lot of love for the Golden Bears," Jackson said recently. "I was upset and disappointed with the rumors that came out when it came time for me to enter the draft. There were a lot of negative things said about me that hurt me, that I wasn't a team player and I didn't work hard.

"I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but I know it had to come from Cal somewhere. It really hurt my feelings. It's no disrespect to Cal. I just feel coming from Long Beach Poly was a huge step for me to make it to the NFL."

So you can only imagine the outrage when Green Bay Packers stars Aaron Rodgers and Desmond Bishop repped their community colleges on Sunday Night Football. How dare they! They all must clearly hate the Golden Bears!

Or perhaps they were just being facetious. Seriously, is it that big a deal?

Rodgers repped Butte Community College, and Bishop mentioned San Francisco Community College. Not exactly the hotbeds of football development, but they did spend as many years at their JCs as they did at Cal. Additionally, Rodgers and Bishop have repped Cal in previous telecasts like TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN THEY WERE BOTH ON SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SERIOUSLY WHO CARES.

Anyway, I'm sure a good number of Internet Cal fans will be freaking out about this nonetheless. And I'll be freaking out about how much they care. It's all good.