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Washington State Strikes First, Cougars Up 7-0 On Golden Bears

Jeff Tuel used his legs to take advantage of overpursuit by Cal defenders, carrying for 40 yards on 5 carries. Tuel and Logowne Mitz have combined for 69 yards, and Mitz punched in the first score of the game. Tuel also completed two passes for 20 yards. The Cougars drive took 9 plays and 80 yards. Washington State takes their first lead since they played UCLA.

Brock Mansion is only 2 for 7 for 6 yards. However, Marvin Jones couldn’t haul in a deep play-action throw from Mansion, and Anthony Miller dropped another completion on a skinny route near the end zone. Giorgio Tavecchio then missed a makeable field goal. Washington State wasn’t doing anything for most of the game, but they are driving as we speak. Shane Vereen has carried for 37 yards on 8 carries, Isi Sofele 32 yards on 3 carries.

Keenan Allen isn’t playing, according to John Crumpacker. His right knee is wrapped up and was noticeably limping