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Andrew Luck Sets Tone For Big Game Victory With 58 Yard Run, Trucking Sean Cattouse

Andrew Luck played a near-perfect game in what his likely his final Big Game against the California Golden Bears. Luck threw 16 for 20 for 235 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions, redeeming his horrid 2009 Big Game performance as he captured the Axe for the first time (and possibly the last time). However, his signature play came with his legs and it pretty much started the Stanford Cardinal steamroll of Cal.

With Stanford facing a third and five nursing a 3-0 lead at their own 21, Luck dropped back to pass and five Cal pass rushers engaged all their linemen and managed to collapse the pocket. With the entire Golden Bears team blanketing the coverage, Luck decided to take off and run with the ball. And boy, did he do well.

Sean Cattouse is known as a big hitter (remember that hit on Eric Decker last season?) and he tried to knock  Luck out of the game in pursuit. It did not work out the way he planned.

It's Super QB Andrew Luck! Defender bounces harmlessly off Luck on 58 yd run. Stanford v. Cal (via 16Un)

It was one of his three rushes for 72 yards. The Cal crowd was completely deflated after that play and the Cardinal went onto score one of their six touchdowns on the game. Luck is certainly making it easier to justify an early departure to the NFL with performances like these.