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California vs. Oregon: Bears Blow Golden Opportunity - No Pun Intended

California blew an amazing chance to take a lead as Giorgio Tavecchio missed a 29 yard field goal early in the fourth quarter. This miss hurt even more after Tavecchio made the field goal but then was penalized five yards for his own illegal motion. Tavecchio was moving forward before the snap, which negated his 24 yard make. On the next attempt he pulled it wide right for the miss.

The field goal attempt came after a Cal drive that benefited from 20 yards of Oregon penalties. Cal’s offense had done next to nothing since their first quarter touchdown, but the penalties helped instill some confidence. Brock Mansion connected on a big pass to Marvin Jones and Shane Vereen rolled through the Oregon defense. Unfortunately the offense stalled out inside the Oregon five, leading to the above sequence of events.

Cal’s defense finds itself back in a position requiring some kind of stop. The Oregon offense has been contained thus far but that kind of offense is usually not contained for sixty minutes. The Bears offense needs to get its act together if they want to win this.