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California vs. Oregon: Bears Defense Strips Thomas Pass Attempt, Oregon leads 15-13

The California Golden Bears may be getting virtually nothing from Brock Mansion, but the rest of the team is doing whatever is necessary to keep the Bears alive in this game. After Cal was forced to punt, Oregon started out on their own 12 yard line.

On the first play after the punt, Darron Thomas dropped back to pass and was stripped of the ball before his arm came forward. The ball bounced into the end zone and Derrick Hill fell on it to cut the Oregon lead to 15-13. Cal went for the two point conversion to tie but Mansion threw the ball a bit too hard out of the left side of the end zone.

At this point, with under eight minutes to go in the third quarter, Cal remains alive. Oregon has been a beast in the second half so the Cal defense has its work cut out for them. They’ve forced a punt on the subsequent Oregon drive and Cal will start on the 10 yard line. We’ll see if the offense can figure something out.