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California vs. Oregon: Ducks Take 8-7 Lead On Punt Return Touchdown

The Oregon Ducks have finally struck back against Cal taking an 8-7 lead, but it was due to their special teams and defense, as opposed to their offense. After the Cal defense stopped the Ducks on the Cal 41 and forced a punt, Oregon punter Jackson Rice dropped a beautiful kick down at the Cal 3 yard line.

The Ducks defense came on the field and forced a three and out, forcing Cal to punt from their own 7 yard line. Cal punter booted a monster 57 yard punt but it was past his punt return coverage and Ducks return man Cliff Harris continued his all-world season, taking the punt to the house for his fourth punt return for a touchdown this season. Oregon coach Chip Kelly continued his wild ways by going for two, which Oregon converted for an 8-7 lead.

The Cal defense has played tremendously well so far, but it’s going to be tough for the Bears to keep up the effort. Oregon runs plays faster than anybody in the country, which inevitably wears down a defense. The Bears best chance is continuing to establish Shane Vereen in the running game. Vereen was spectacular on the first drive but has since been mostly shut down.