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Cal vs. Oregon: Shane Vereen Dominates Oregon On First Drive, Cal Leads 7-0

The California Golden Bears might have found an early answer to the dominant Oregon offense: chew up the clock and the field with running back Shane Vereen. After stopping the Ducks on a fourth down try, Cal running back Shane Vereen had little trouble running down the short field to give the Bears a 7-0 lead.

Cal’s defense contained the Oregon offense early on as the Ducks appeared to show little concern for the Cal offense or defense. The Ducks went for it on a pair of fourth downs, converting the first time but getting stuffed the second time. Cal took over at the Oregon 49 and Shane Vereen took over form there. After junior QB Brock Mansion threw an incomplete pass on the first play, Vereen rushed five times for 49 yards and a touchdown. The drive was highlighted by a 31 yard rush early on. If Cal is going to pull out what would be a monumental upset, Vereen and the defense will be key.