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Kevin Riley Injury Reported As Torn MCL, Probably Ending Golden Bear Career

California Golden Blogs with the report.

According to a Cal official who chatted with Joe Starkey during the radio broadcast, Kevin Riley tore his MCL when he got hit in the end zone throwing a 32 yard completion to Marvin Jones. He is currently on the sidelines in crutches with a large brace on his left knee, and if this report is true, his Cal career is probably done.

Kevin Riley's current career stats are 50 touchdowns (5th in Cal history), 6182 passing yards (8th in Cal history) and at least 7th in passer effiency. Riley finishes his career with 19 wins in 31 starts. He was not the most consistent of quarterbacks, but it looked like he'd finally put it together in 2010 and was on the verge of a pretty good senior season. The Golden Bears will now have to rely on Brock Mansion and Beau Sweeney for the last month of the season to try and stay in the hunt for bowl eligibility.