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Jacquizz Rodgers Outgains Cal Offense, Oregon State Up 28-0 At Halftime

Jacquizz Rodgers: 100 yards of offense
California Golden Bears: 64 yards

That sums it up well. Rodgers has two rushing touchdowns and thrown for another, and has put the Beavers up decisively to stay.

Cal has simply killed themselves with poor offensive line play and bad mistakes. Keenan Allen fumbled a screen pass that would’ve been a first down and the Golden Bears have racked up 8 penalties for 70 yards (The Beavers, by contrast, have none). Brock Mansion has been ineffective in replacement of the injured Kevin Riley, throwing 5 for 8 by for only 17 yards. Mansion has been sacked three times, and the offensive line has been particularly ineffective.

Meanwhile the Cal defense has been shredded by being too aggressive. Several times the run defense has bit one way only to be hit by reverses or double reverses, or the pass defense has gotten hit by all-out blitzing and getting burned by Ryan Katz throwing screen or swing passes, one to the much feared Joe Halahuni for a touchdown. The result is a 28-0 Oregon State lead that looks very difficult for the Golden Bears to surmount.