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Jacquizz Rodgers Dominates First Two Drives, Kevin Riley Leaves With Knee Injury

Keenan Allen received the opening kickoff, but only managed to take it to the 20 yard line. A holding penalty negated a Shane Vereen first down run and eventually forced the Golden Bears to punt to the Beavers. Oregon State responded by using Quizz, Quizz, Quizz. They put him out on a screen pass when the defense overpursued, they lined him out at fullback to pick up a crucial third short, then they lined him up at the Wildcat and he threw a touchdown pass to the tight end Colby Prince to make it 7-0.

Then Quizz dominated the next drive, picking up a 32 yard gain by juking to the outside on Marc Anthony and then bumping the ball out to the left on 3rd and goal to make it 14-0. The Beavers are in control early, and it’s all thanks to Jacquizz Rodgers.

Kevin Riley injured his left knee on the next drive when a Beaver defender ran down. Brock Mansion is now starting for the Golden Bears. All in all, you couldn’t imagine a worse start for Cal in Corvallis.