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USC 42 - Cal 0: Trojans Destroy Cal In First Half

While there might be four quarters in a football game, USC did enough in the first two to likely put this game in the bag. To steal from Rick Pitino, “”" target="new">Frank Reich ain’t coming through that door people." I suppose crazy comebacks happen, but this Cal team is looking like a JV squad against the USC Trojans. And seeing as Cal hasn’t scored a touchdown against USC since 2007, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the historic comeback.

In the first half Cal managed just three first downs and only advanced into USC territory once. That particular drive with a Kevin Riley interception at the USC 5. The Trojans followed that pick with a 10 play, 95 yard touchdown drive to take a 35-0 lead. Cal had a nice kickoff return after the touchdown but Kevin Riley through another pick on the first play of the drive. USC rolled in for a sixth touchdown of the half to take a 42-0 lead.

Through one half, Kevin Riley is 3 of 12 for 51 yards and two interceptions. Shane Vereen has 24 yards on seven carries. And the entire Cal team might just decide to forfeit the second half. We’ll see if they can salvage some level of respectability in the second half.

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