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Cal coaching rumors: Bears to hire Pierre Ingram, Mark Tommerdahl, according to report

Sonny Dykes could bring as many as four Louisiana Tech head coaches with him to Cal, as Pierre Ingram and Mark Tommerdahl are all set to join Tony Franklin and Rob Likens.


There are two more rumored Cal coaching hires on the way that will join Sonny Dykes from Louisiana Tech on his coaching staff.

One of them is Pierre Ingram, who will most likely be hired as the next Cal running back coach. Ingram has been Dykes's running back coach the past two years at Louisiana Tech. Dykes will be replacing Ron Gould, the longest tenured assistant coach on Cal's staff and one of the most successful Bears out there.

The other is special teams coach Mark Tommerdahl, who also has been on Dykes's staff in a similar capacity at Louisiana Tech. Both Ingram and Tommerdahl have been rumored to be on their way to Cal, although they have yet to be officially hired.

Dykes has already hired two important coaches from his staff, bringing over Tony Franklin as his offensive coordinator and Rob Likens as the wide receiver coach. That makes four Louisiana Tech assistant coaches joining Dykes at Cal.