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Zach Maynard injury: Video emerges of questionable tackle by Danny Shelton

The Washington Huskies posted a win over the California Golden Bears on Friday night, something Cal might have avoided if starting quarterback Zach Maynard was able to play the entire game. Instead, backup junior Allan Bridgford entered after Maynard went down with a knee injury. Video of the play shows a tackle that, at the very least, could be called questionable:

As the video shows, Danny Shelton wraps up Maynard's leg and rolls over, applying shear force to the knee that took Maynard out of the game. Given that the quarterback's leg was under him to start with, it's hard to think that Shelton didn't think Maynard was down, and so it's hard to see the action as anything other than Shelton grabbing on and wrenching Maynard's knee around.

This is not to say that Shelton set out to injure Maynard. No one can really say that except Shelton. But he did grab on and not let go, beyond a point where it would have been reasonable to do so. That's not something that should be part of the game, and I think UW and Cal fans can come together in hoping that Maynard isn't seriously hurt.

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