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Oregon vs. Cal 2012: Bears lose on the scoreboard, but earn moral victory

In the end, the California Golden Bears suffered the same outcome that every other team who has played the Oregon Ducks has suffered this season--getting blown out by a score that looked like it was generated in a PlayStation game. The 59-17 final score was as lopsided as any game Oregon has played this season. However, Cal bottled up the vaunted Oregon run game, and forced the Ducks to play their starters for four quarters, one of only a couple of teams to do so on the season. The guys at California Golden Blogs chalk it up as a moral victory:

So while the final score was exactly as many predicted, the Golden Bears did a great job of holding Oregon down for almost 3 quarters and made this game feel much more exciting than people would think given the margin of victory. So chalk up another moral victory for the Bears, one of many this season, which are nice, but don't actually count in the standings. Isi Sofele had a great game going for 134 and a TD and CJ Anderson had some hard, punishing runs that netted him 56 yards. Allan Bridgford was a pedestrian 9 for 21 for 113, a TD and 2 INT and looked good throwing the ball North/South but terrible throwing it East/West. Didn't exactly light the world on fire, but we've come to expect that from our QB's the past few seasons. Either way, though, it was a good send-off for the seniors final home game in Memorial Stadium and was also a fitting good-bye for Jeff Tedford if he does indeed not remain at Cal after this season.

Cal plays one more game this season--a trip to Corvallis to face Oregon State next weekend. Whether it marks the final game of the Jeff Tedford era remains to be seen.