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Cal vs. UCLA injury report: both teams emerge relatively unscathed

The Cal Golden Bears pulled off a blowout victory over the UCLA Bruins while making it through the game without any major injuries.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

The Cal Golden Bears recovered from a slow start to the season, blowing out the formerly No. 25 UCLA Bruins on Saturday by a final score of 43-17.

The Golden Bears trailed 7-3 after the first quarter, but got into a groove offensively to cruise to the victory. Quarterback Zach Maynard finished the day 25/30 for 295 yards, four touchdown and one interception.

Both teams made it through the game without sustaining any major injuries. The Golden Bears did lose cornerback Marc Anthony in the first quarter, but backup Kameron Jackson filled in nicely, as pointed out by the California Golden Blogs. The extent of Anthony's injury isn't known yet.

Kameron Jackson. Marc Anthony got hurt (again). Poor Marc. But Kam became yet another defensive youngster this season who came in and stepped up and made huge plays. The tiptoe interception was a momentum-changer, the two picks in the fourth quarter essentially ended the game, and he even had an assist to Michael Lowe on the game-breaker. Kudos to Kameron, who had to play almost immediately as a true frosh, swallowed his lumps, and produced two years running.

The Golden Bears will look to build on their momentum next week in their matchup against Washington State.