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Cal vs. UCLA: Keys to Bears breaking 3-game losing streak

SB Nation's team blogs look at the keys for Cal and UCLA as they go head-to-head on Saturday night.

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The California Golden Bears have lost their last three games and things do not get any easier in Week 6 as they host the No. 25 UCLA Bruins in the first ever night game at the newly renovated Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif.

SB Nation's two team blogs, Cal's California Golden Blogs and UCLA's Bruins Nation, traded questions this week in preparation for Saturday's matchup. Each writer answered 10 questions on a wide range of topics.

The California Golden Blogs crew spoke about everything from Cal's record to their strength and weaknesses as well as the state of the conference. On quarterback Zach Maynard, one writer said:

Although Tedford had lofty praise for Maynard during fall camp, he's the same QB we've grown with over the past year. He still struggles to see his open receivers and usually ends up throwing the ball to Keenan Allen if his first read is covered. At this point, we do not have much hope that he's going to transform into a stellar QB.

Ryan Rosenblatt from Bruins Nation answered questions on the new coaching staff, the future of the program and the Bruins' hot start among other topics. Despite their record, Rosenblatt is not convinced that this will be an easy game and he thinks that Cal receiver Keenan Allen will pose a problem. When asked if any Bruin could match-up with Allen Rosenblatt answered:

No. The Bruins' best cornerback is Andrew Abbott, but he's spent most of his time at safety, while Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price get beat repeatedly. The cornerback spots have been huge problems for UCLA and going up against Keenan Allen is not going to help that.

The game is scheduled to kick off 7 p.m. PT and will be televised on the Pac-12 Networks.