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Cal vs. Washington: Jeff Tedford hot seat is burning

The hot seat of Jeff Tedford is burning red after two consecutive losses and a potential losing season for his California Golden Bears. Cal tries to right things against Washington.

Harry How

California Golden Bears head coach Jeff Tedford might be in the twilight of his career at Cal. His Bears are currently 3-6 and are in danger of finishing with a losing season for the second time in three years. Cal is coming off a 49-27 defeat to Utah, who were previously winless in Pac-12 play. Cal was at one point trailing 42-6, and has been uncompetitive in two straight games as their season

There are rumblings that a sub-.500 season would be the end for Tedford at Cal, and a loss to the Washington Huskies would definitely ensure the Bears finish with that type of mark. Washington was able to poach Cal defensive line and ace recruiter Tosh Lupoi along with wide receivers coach Eric Kiesau, and those losses really detonated what could have been a top-five recruiting class for California. Tedford doesn't appear to have recovered from that blow, as the Bears staggered to a 1-4 star this season and never fully recovered.

Tedford will probably be coaching for his job these last few games, and the Bears are probably a few losses away from parting ways with one of the most successful coaches in the team's history.