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Marcus Lee recruiting: Antioch big man to decide between Kentucky and Cal

Deer Valley big man Marcus Lee will make his decision between the Kentucky Wildcats and the California Golden Bears.

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Marcus Lee of Antioch is close to making his decision on where he will attend college. Lee will make his decision at 11:30 am at Deer Valley on Wednesday morning.

The decision is between two schools: The Kentucky Wildcats and the California Golden Bears. But it's not looking good for the local school. Lee was scheduled to visit Cal this weekend, but cancelled his official and seems all set to go Big Blue. Lee took his official to Kentucky last weekend for Midnight Madness and was wowed by the atmosphere at one of the most spectacular events in college basketball.

Lee is ranked as a top 15 recruit by Rivals, the number-two center in the country by Scout, the 28th best recruit in the ESPN100, and the 9th-best recruit on 247 Sports. Lee is considered one of the premier big men in the country and would continue to fill in the gaps in for the defending national champions.