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Tre is a die-hard 49ers fan after having grown up in California as a young boy and watching the team win multiple Super Bowls during the "Dynasty Years". He's a certifiable Twitter addict (username below) and NFL breaking-news junkie. Tre is also a NFL Draft fanatic, watching video, reading scouting reports and facilitating/participating in numerous NFL Mock Drafts. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons, brewing his own beer, and being outdoors.

49ers Vs. Vikings: Staying Healthy is Key

As the 49ers travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings, they must exit that game relatively healthy with another road game the following week against the New York Jets.

49ers Vs. Lions, Film Review: San Francisco DBs Licking Their Lips?

Taking a look at the coaches' film from the Detroit Lions week one game against the St. Louis Rams with an eye on Matthew Stafford's three interceptions. Should 49ers DBs be licking their lips?

49ers Vs. Lions: Can Detroit Establish the Run Vs. 49ers?

With the 49ers showing an effective strategy for stopping one of the league's top passing attacks in Green Bay, will the Detroit Lions try to run the ball against San Francisco?

49ers Vs. Packers: Could San Francisco's First and Second Round Picks Be Inactive?

Despite the fact that they were high picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, I feel that both A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James could be healthy-scratches for the 49ers week 1 match-up against the Green Bay Packers.

49ers Vs. Packers: Linebackers Could Be Key To Game

The San Francisco 49ers will face a precision passing game when they go up against the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. The key could very well be the play of the 49ers linebackers in coverage of the short and intermediate passing game.

49ers Late August 53-Man Roster Projection

Predicting the 49ers 53-man roster as the first wave of off-season cuts make the picture more clear in San Francisco.

49ers Vs. Vikings: Key Things to Look For During Game

With the 49ers' first game of the NFL exhibition season approaching, there are a few key things that this particular fan is looking for as the team takes on the Minnesota Vikings.

49ers and Other NFL Teams: Why We Know Nothing About Nothing

With all of the micro-reporting coming from NFL training camps, it's easy to think we know which players and teams are going to be good or bad. The fact is, we know nothing about nothing.

49ers Wide Receiver Position Is Deep...On Paper

Have the 49ers really upgraded the wide receiver position? Or have they just added some flashy names and hope?

49ers Favored By Many for Super Bowl: This One's For The Doubters

Numerous media and betting outlets have picked the 49ers as favorites for this year's Super Bowl, yet many have doubts. We de-bunk some of the more common myths about the team.