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Tre is a die-hard 49ers fan after having grown up in California as a young boy and watching the team win multiple Super Bowls during the "Dynasty Years". He's a certifiable Twitter addict (username below) and NFL breaking-news junkie. Tre is also a NFL Draft fanatic, watching video, reading scouting reports and facilitating/participating in numerous NFL Mock Drafts. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons, brewing his own beer, and being outdoors.

The Gatorade cooler is always wide open

When pass-rushers are bearing down on Alex Smith he needs to remember that he's always got an open "receiver"

Breaking: Vernon Davis still plays for 49ers

It might be hard to fathom, but the 49ers actually have an athletic, super-fast tight end that you might have heard of before: Vernon Davis.

Here it comes. Try to stop it.

A tiger can't change it's stripes overnight. 49ers need to tell opponents, "You want to stop the 49ers run-game? Prove it."

49ers vs. Giants: Score baby, score!

Against a powerful offense like that of the New York Giants, can the 49ers offense continue it's recent streak of putting up points?

49ers vs. Bills: No cup can Spiller over

Could the 49ers usually stout defense find themselves in trouble with a versatile edge-threat like C.J. Spiller?

Bills make deal with devil to stop 49ers run-game?

Will the Bills sell their souls to stop the 49ers ground attack? Will San Francisco be ready to exploit openings in the pass game as a result?

49ers vs. Jets: Want a nickel with that?

Are the Jets really a "run-first" team who rarely spreads things out? What will the 49ers do without a key player on defense?

49ers vs. Jets: SF Wins

After a difficult loss against the Minnesota Vikings, the 49ers look to bounce-back against the New York Jets, which is just what they'll do.

49ers looking to score on Jets on the rebound

The San Francisco 49ers need just about every player to have a better game in Week 4 against the New York Jets than they did in Week 3 against the Minnesota Vikings.

49ers Vs. Vikings: How Much Ass Will 49ers Kick?

When the 49ers face off against the Minnesota Vikings, just how much ass will the team from San Francisco kick? inquiring minds want to know.