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Tre is a die-hard 49ers fan after having grown up in California as a young boy and watching the team win multiple Super Bowls during the "Dynasty Years". He's a certifiable Twitter addict (username below) and NFL breaking-news junkie. Tre is also a NFL Draft fanatic, watching video, reading scouting reports and facilitating/participating in numerous NFL Mock Drafts. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two sons, brewing his own beer, and being outdoors.

I can haz teh stats?

Just what do the statistics say about the 49ers and Patriots as they prepare to face-off on Sunday Night Football?

49ers should be "movin on up" in 2013 Draft

With a stocked roster where rookies hardly even put on the uniform, the 49ers need to draft studs, the kind of guys found in the top four rounds.

Who's up, who's down?

What kind of combinations are there for the 49ers' game-day roster vs. the Rams Sunday?

Decisions, decisions for 49ers coaches

Which 49ers running backs will be active against St. Louis after a dizzying array of roster moves?

Sack race!

Who's jersey will be dirtier after the 49ers and Saints meet, and where will the dirt come from, in a game played indoors?

I can haz all your footballs?

The Bears want all your footballs. The 49ers must say "No!"

Bottling Kaepernick's lightning

Can the 49ers find a way to utilize Colin Kaepernick properly should he be called-upon to start vs. the Bears on Monday Night Football?

The NFL is just another job

"My wife's water just broke! We're having a baby this very minute! But I think I'm just gonna go to work instead." - Nobody, ever

Sam Bradford, meet the new 49ers

After not facing Sam Bradford in either of the 2011 match-ups against the Rams, will the 49ers remember enough of what they saw in the pre-Jim Harbaugh era?

2012 49ers making strides in key statistical areas

Are the 49ers really any better than they were last year? Has the offense indeed evolved to become more productive? Can the defense possibly be any better than last year? Yes, sorta.