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Rishi Narain spends most of his days wondering which will come first: the completion of his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State, or the Sharks' first Stanley Cup. His future plans include a write in campaign for Joe Pavelski for Mayor of San Jose and a job saving the world, or working in the Green Technology sector. He can also be found at various fields around the South Bay playing Ultimate Frisbee (badly).

The Foundation Of The Los Angeles Kings Compared To The San Jose Sharks

Is the balance of power in the Pacific Division shifting? Sure the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, but are they going to start dominating the division? We look at what makes the roster tick and how it compares to the San Jose Sharks.

San Jose Sharks 2011-12 Review, With A Look At The Roster And Potential Changes Next Season

New contributor Rishi Narain breaks down the San Jose Sharks' 2011-12 season with an in-depth look at the roster and how it might be changing (or not changing) heading into next season.