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Born in Castro Valley and raised in the ENTIRE Bay Area, Raymond St. Martin is a lifelong Bay Area Sports Fan. Although "Saint" is a die hard Warrior, Raider and A's fan (He can still be seen banging the drums in Left Field on occasion), he does have some love for the teams on the other side of the Bay. Well, he has to, his wife is from San Francisco and is as die hard about her teams as Raymond is about his. Raymond has been a lead actor in a film shot at ILM (George Lucas' Studio in San Rafael), has toured the Country and released albums as a musician and has been Sports Blogging since the early days of the ESPN Message Boards. Currently Raymond is the Lead Editor of SBN's Raider site, Silver and Black Pride, plays in the local band Corduroy Jim and is raising 4 children in Pinole CA.

Justin Smiley Has Decided To Call It A Career

The Raiders Will Announce More On Seymour And Walker On Wednesday

Gradkowski Is Good For Zack Miller and Louis Murphy

Gradkowski Is Good For Zack Miller and Louis Murphy

Many Raiders Still Licking Wounds:

Oakland Raiders Recap: Tennessee Breaks Oakland's Momentum, Then Runs Away

The Tennessee Titans stuffed the Oakland Raiders' early hopes to win on Sunday, then ran away through a consistent ground game behind Chris Johnson, Javon Ringer and Vince Young.

The First Five Games Will Decide The Oakland Raiders Season

The First Five Games Will Decide The Oakland Raider Season

Oakland Raiders Recap: Pre-Season Game 4: Raiders Win 27-24: Wrap Up The Pre-Season 3-1

Michael Bush is out Indefinitely

Why Has JaMarcus Russell Failed To Live Up To Expectations?

After pondering the current fate of JaMarcus Russell I have come to two possible conclusions. Either JaMarcus is a self absorbed egotist who is getting his just desert or he is a young man who is crying out for help.