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MLB Playoff Standings: Oakland Athletics maintain wild card lead

After some late-game heroics via the long ball on Saturday, the Oakland Athletics pulled off a comeback victory against the Seattle Mariners at home, giving the team their 14th walk-off victory of the season. More importantly, though, the victory improved the A's chances of making the playoffs.

The A's extended their Wild Card lead from 2 to 2.5 games with the victory and remained two games ahead of the Angels in the loss column. At the same time, the A's inched closer in their push to take the lead in the AL West division, and are now 2.5 games back of the Rangers in the division.

The Angels and Rangers will play a doubleheader on Sunday and the results will greatly impact the AL West and Wild Card races. Interestingly enough, the A's and Rangers finish their regular season with a three-game series against each other - making Texas' 2.5-game lead tenuous indeed. While the A's best chances of making the playoffs remain through the Wild Card, the team could be in a very good position to win the division, but they'll need a little luck first.