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A's vs. Tigers: Oakland reportedly will remove upper deck tarp if it reaches ALCS

The Oakland A's second half of the season has had the plot line of a children's sports film. Now down 0-2 to the Detroit Tigers, there is a possibility that the story could be coming to a less than happy ending.

However, if the A's can summon some of the magic that got them to the postseason in the first place, they could have a slightly new look to the Coliseum for the ALCS.

Tarps in the upper deck of the Coliseum have been in place since 2006 due to low ticket sales for the A's and the Raiders. CSN Bay Area is reporting if the A's can turn the series around by winning three straight games and advancing to the ALCS, the tarps are coming off to allow for more fans. 2006 was the last time the Athletics made ALCS. They ended being swept in the series by the same Detroit Tigers that have the A's on the brink of elimination.

Aside from the A's future in the playoffs, one question remains: what has accumulated under those tarps after six years?