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Best Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Taco Bell scores big

The Super Bowl and the commercials lived up to the expectations on Sunday.

Ronald Martinez

The Super Bowl was a terrific show on Sunday night, with the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers slugging it out like two heavyweight fighters right to the end.

During breaks in the action, the commercials were also very good this year, providing most everyone with a few laughs.

One of the best was done by Taco Bell, showcasing its "Live Mas" campaign. In the clip, a group of senior citizens are out all night at the club before hitting the road and causing good-natured mayhem before going to Taco Bell to top off the night. Easily one of the best of Sunday.

Another excellent job was turned in by Budweiser, featuring a man taking care of a Clydesdale as it grows up. The horse eventually moves on and ends up in a parade that the man attends. His old owner doesn't believe the horse spotted him, until the creature turns around and runs to find him. Epic stuff.