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Super Bowl ads 2013: SodaStream airs softer ad after CBS rejects spot that attacks Coke, Pepsi

SodaStream's advertisement during Super Bowl 47 is actually a cut-down version of an ad that CBS rejected late in the ad review process.

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

SodaStream has long gone after traditional soft drink makers in their advertisements, saying the at-home soda maker can save millions of plastic bottles a year and save users plenty of money if they buy the product. So during this year's Super Bowl, it's not surprising that SodaStream quotes a figure that says it could save 500 million bottles alone on game day.

People use the SodaStream, and the traditional 20-ounce bottles we've all grown accustomed to start popping at the most inopportune times.

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But this ad, which shows attractive people using SodaStream, which has seen its popularity grow around the United States in the last few years, is actually a softer version of the commercial the company initially wanted to show consumers during the Super Bowl.

That commercial included two overly competitive Coke and Pepsi delivery guys racing for the automatic sliding door of a supermarket, only to have their soda bottles pop before they get inside because the SodaStream is taking over.

Reportedly, this version of the ad made CBS uncomfortable, so they asked SodaStream to revise the commercial, which they did. In fact, the ad creators were forced to simply tweak an older commercial for the game, which is the commercial you see above.