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Super Bowl prop bets 2013: How many tweets will the Super Bowl inspire?

Oddsmakers are expecting around 17,000 tweets per second at the height of Twitter engagement during tonight's Super Bowl XLVII.

Christian Petersen

In a changed world, where tweets are even starting to inspire Super Bowl commercials, Las Vegas has taken an interest in how many tweets Super Bowl XLVII will generate on Sunday night.

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Among the more interesting prop bets on the books for the showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens is one that hopes to hit the number of tweets per second that will be about the Super Bowl. Last season's Patriots-Giants Super Bowl generated more than 10,000 tweets per second at its peak. This year, with an increased Twitter user base and a more connected general population, books are setting the over-under at 17,000 tweets per second.

The highest all-time record for tweets per second was set the night of the 2012 election, when Barack Obama's Twitter account sent out its victory message. More than 327,000 tweets were sent per second at that night's peak.

Oddsmakers are certainly expecting far less than the record, but 17,000 per second would still be a large social media footprint for the nation's biggest yearly television event.