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Super Bowl XLVII: San Francisco finishes walkthrough, ready to face Ravens

Jim Harbaugh led his San Francisco 49ers through their final walk-through of the season on Saturday, less than 24 hours away from Super Bowl XLVII.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh led his San Francisco 49ers through their final walk-through of the 2012-13 season on Saturday, as the 49ers finish preparing to take on the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

According to the Associated Press, the walkthrough lasted 15 minutes -- and Harbaugh was pleased with how his team finished up preparations for the biggest game of the season.

''I feel good,'' Harbaugh said. ''The preparation has been outstanding, very focused. The players care about winning. They care about this team, and that's complimentary to the players and the way their focus has been. And that's not something that's been just this week. That wasn't just created this week. That's been all season and the offseason. It speaks very highly of the players.''

Per the report, Harbaugh invited 11 busloads of family members and friends to attend the walk-through at the SuperDome, and eventually allowed the guests to head onto the field to pose for photographs.

The walk-through caps off two weeks of preparation. As is custom, both Super Bowl participants had a bye week following the AFC and NFC Championship games. San Francisco's final practice was on Friday, and reportedly finished that practice 15 minutes early.

All in all, Harbaugh cut down on practice time by nearly 40 minutes this week, giving his players extra rest as the 49ers get ready to take on the very physical Ravens.

Whether or not Harbaugh's strategy pays off remains to be seen, but this is the 19th game for the 49ers this season, and many of Harbaugh's star players, such as Justin Smith, Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith, are nursing various injuries.

Giving his injured players a bit more rest this week could pay dividends, as the most important 60 minutes of football for the 49ers in nearly 20 years is now less than a day away.

At the least, Harbaugh knows his team is focused, and after Saturday's walk-through, the 49ers are now ready to take on the Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.