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Super Bowl XLVII: David Akers and Justin Tucker headed opposite directions

The rookie kicker of the Ravens had a great year while 49ers kicker David Akers struggled throughout the season.


The two kickers in the Super Bowl head into the game following nearly opposite seasons. San Francisco 49ers veteran David Akers had the worst year of his career, making only 29 of 44 field goal attempts, while Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker went an impressive 32-for-35 in his rookie campaign.

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Tucker refused to talk about Akers at Media Day on Tuesday, saying, "I'm not going to talk about anyone who's not wearing black and purple." While Tucker didn't address Akers' struggles directly, he was asked if he though Akers served as a cautionary tale and responded, "I think it's the duality of the position ... the hardest one to make is the one after a miss."

Akers, of course, missed his last attempt, a 38-yard kick that hit the left upright during the NFC Championship Game.

The six-time Pro Bowler will have to put that kick, and the entirety of the season out of his mind on Sunday if he is going to come through for the 49ers.