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Super Bowl 2013 odds and spread: 49ers now favored by 5 points

The bettors are putting their money on the 49ers, who are now five-point favorites.


There is no doubt that the bettors are all-in on the San Francisco 49ers. After the line opened at 4.5 points and quickly dipped to 3.5 points, bettors have put their money on the 49ers and pushed the line up to five points.

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It is clear that the bettors are not bully on the Baltimore Ravens, which the Ravens are used to by now. The 49ers are a hot team right now, receiving a lot of respect for their on-field performances. The media has honed in on the Ray Lewis story, rather than Joe Flacco's offensive prowess in the postseason.

One of the telling projections, however, is which team will allow fewer points.

According to Odds Shark smart chart, the 49ers are projected to allow 17.1 points while the Ravens are projected to allow 21.5. They are giving the 49ers a 7.8 point differential, and project them to have fewer total yards against them. The main advantage the Ravens have is they project Flacco will throw for more yards than Colin Kaepernick.

The offenses have each been explosive, but on the defensive side of the ball, the 49ers should have the advantage. They are a more complete unit operating at a higher, more cohesive level right now. The line could still be affected this week, but it's unlikely that the Ravens enter this game as favorites.